Kedvon - Old Chicago

Kedvon Pharmacy, established in 1996, was originally located on the intersection of Kedzie and Devon Ave. (hence the name “Kedvon”). A year later, the store relocated just a few blocks down to Devon and California. West Rogers Park of Chicago is a diverse community with residents of many nationalities, making the neighborhood a true cultural melting pot. At the time, a large population of immigrants from the former Soviet Union resided in the neighborhood. The idea from day one, was to provide a unique service to our patients. Our unique service is comprised of speaking the patients’ language, providing home delivery, and offering low cost prescriptions. Speaking their native tongue (Russian), helped to better explain medication information and prescription directions to the patients. Home delivery helped the patients who were sick, at work, or far away to receive their medications on time. The low prescription prices really helped the new immigrants and the uninsured patients. These concepts have remained as the core of our excellent customer service through the years. Additionally, we carry unique over-the-counter products, vitamins, and herbals from all over the world.

As the years went by, the Russian immigrant community established roots in their new homeland; they gradually purchased their own homes, moving from the city to the suburbs. At Kedvon pharmacy, we expanded our delivery service all around the city and suburbs to reach our patients. In the mean time, new waves of immigrants from other countries moved into West Rogers Park. We wanted to remain part of our community, so we learned new cultures, made friends who speak new languages, and diversified our international concept. Today we are certain that as there are many nationalities in our world, there are also multiple ways to practice medicine, therefore we strive to employ traditional medicines as well as alternative remedies. Hence, at Kedvon Pharmacy the traditions of the East meet the medicine of the West, to bring you a world of health and all the BEST!

Since 2011, we are also located in Wheeling next to Fresh Farms Market. One will find a boutique style store with our variety of herbals, vitamins, unique international products, as well as nostalgic remedies from the old world. Also, we carry high quality cosmetics from many areas of the world; for example Natura Siberica all the way from Siberia! Coming in to our Wheeling location gives one a feeling of traveling around the globe of health and beauty. We have a big Banya (bath/ sauna) item selection! A full-service prescription department is also available in Wheeling, with our traditional low prices and Free prescription delivery service. Also, one can shop for Russian and Ukranian books, magazines, movies, and music in City of Joy, located inside Kedvon Pharmacy in Wheeling.

In 2014, we opened a pharmacy department inside the new Garden Fresh Supermarket in Buffalo Grove. The building was previously the home of Dominick’s grocery store, a Chicago land favorite chain for many years. Garden Fresh brought international groceries to the community which matched our growing concept of international medicinal, herbal, and cosmetic products. Being inside a supermarket gives Kedvon Pharmacy an opportunity to be closer to the community offering a convenience of filling prescriptions while one shops for groceries! Also, it provides a unique opportunity to consult patients on possible interactions between medication and diet. Along with all of our traditional services, international products, and a full over-the-counter selection, we added a vaccination clinic and medication therapy management service for our patients.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our wonderful, flavorful, international community! Visit Kedvon Pharmacy in Chicago, Wheeling, and Buffalo Grove!!!